About Rayolite

At Rayolite Australia, we are big enough to handle your largest order and small enough to ship your smallest request. As an all Australian owned company, we pride our yourself on the highest customer service at the best value for money.

We are all about increasing road safety by mininising driver error. 

Greg Petty (General Manager), has 40+ years servicing the road marking industry in Australia. Next time you want Raised Pavement Markers, give us a try. And remember, all profits stay in Australia.

Contact us at:

Rayolite Pty Ltd, 237 Berkeley Road UNANDERRA NSW 2526

P (02) 4271 5056

M (0407) 473 889

Rayolite Inc USA has a proud history of Raised Pavement Marker production since 1950. In 2005, Rayolite Inc was sold to Semex Corporation of Monterey, Mexico. Today, the ever popular Round Shoulder 4 x 4 marker has been corner stone of the Company's success.

We specialise in:

  1. - Reflective Raised Pavement Markers

- Non Reflective Raised Pavement Markers

- Temporary Raised Pavements Markers

- Bitumen RPM Adhesive

- Hot Melt RPM Pads

- Preformed Thermoplastic